Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where's Johnny? Day 2

Day 2

Recapping. We are hunting for the offices of our State Rep. John Tobia, of House District 53. He has told us that before public forums we should "stop by my office" if we have a controversial issue of special concern that he might be unprepared to answer without warning, that he has an "open door policy" to the constituents. Yet we still can't locate the office.

I called at 9:20 a.m. and I was told by a very nice young lady that indeed the office is located at 8060 South Highway A1A, almost near the county line. I wasn't dreaming last night. He did, in fact, decide to put his office at the furthest reaches of the county. As is his right, as a public official, to hide his office as far as humanly possible, away, from you the taxpayers of Brevard's District 53. Are you some sort of communist who would challenge him on this basic human right to allocate your money to place an office essentially stay-cation distance from you? What's wrong with you?

So, with this information in hand, I am going to be posting video of our stringer "Nigel Von Nigel's" trip to the office of State Rep. John Tobia (R-the extreme south end of the barrier island, almost to the Indian River County line).

The excursion begs the questions. 1. How in hell is one expected to find the office from the road if there are no signs? 2. In that the office bears no identifying sign, but in fact a "for rent sign" in front, is it indeed his office or is it a fake? 3. Why has it taken this long for him to even open an office in that he was elected in November? 4. If he hasn't opened an office at all, where is the money going? 5. Why would a reasonable public official familiar with terms such as "accessibility" "transparency" and "open door policy" which he has used to describe himself, place his office at the lonely end of the barrier island roughly five miles just north of Sebastian inlet? 6. Why, if this indeed, is his office, is it not staffed in late February, during the middle of the week? Day 3

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